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Hypnosis for Children

Can Children Be Hypnotized?

As a practicing hypnotist, I’m often asked by parents “Can children be hypnotized?” The answer is YES, absolutely, children can be hypnotized. In my experience I believe they should be should be at least age 6 or older. By this age most children are mature enough to be able to focus and listen attentively. Children are often able to attain some of the most amazing successes with hypnosis because they have not had the accumulation of years of the negative behavioral influences and conditioning that adults are often exposed to. Children are much more of a clean slate. Children also tend to have great imaginations and are typically very receptive, they can be wonderful students of hypnosis, provided they feel comfortable with the hypnotist.

Studies have shown hypnosis to be very effective with children in cases of enuresis (bed-wetting), ADHD, stuttering, fears, night terrors, schoolwork and improving self-esteem and self-confidence.

Hypnosis for Children – Natural, Safe and Effective

When you learn that the hypnotic state is the most natural state of being there is, you realize that getting hypnotized is a safe and natural way to return to your true, natural self. Entering into a hypnotic state is safe, calming and in many ways children are much better at entering into the state and will be able to stimulate healing themselves often more efficiently and more rapidly than adults.

Hypnosis for Children - Utilizes the Vivid Imagination of Children
Children often tend to have very potent and more vivid imaginations than adults. The more you’re able to tap into your imagination, the stronger hypnotic state you can allow yourself to enter into. Imagination and symbols are the language of the subconscious mind.

While most children have not been tainted by long years of exposure to the thoughts, opinions and beliefs of the world, the one downside with children is they don’t yet have as much life experience to draw upon because of their young age. Most erroneous beliefs have not been ingrained so deeply, so it’s easier to correct the destructive and often faulty beliefs, fears, doubts and insecurities. Adults on the other hand have been exposed their whole lives and a lot of these false beliefs, destructive habits and behaviors are ingrained very deeply. But the older they are, the more life experience may have acquired.

Hypnosis For Children - Helps With Confidence & Self-Esteem

I’ve found that a child’s ability to control emotions, deal with frustrations and successfully get along with others is a better indicator of success than their IQ. This is demonstrated by having your child conditioned to respond to obstacles and challenges with confidence, optimism and resiliency, not anger and hopelessness.

Studies have shown the average kindergarten child (age 5) laughs approximately 500 times per day and the average adult laughs approximately only 15 times per day. What happens from age 5 to 40 in that time span? 

Children learn through suggestion and imitation, they pick up on everything; not just words. The first communication children learn is through body language and through reading and recognizing faces. They may not even understand the words, but they know what people are trying to say. Humans have approximately 43 muscles in the face that can create thousands of different facial expressions. That is the first way children learn through body language and facial expressions.

Children can sometimes get embarrassed very easily, especially if they stutter or wet the bed causing their stress levels increase even more. Which can often make the issues worse. With hypnosis for children, they are able become more relaxed and more self-confident, and not let those things bother them anymore. As their confidence increases, they are able to relax much more deeply. These issues or challenges can then just drift away.

To find out more about hypnosis for children, feel free to contact me and we can determine if hypnosis is the right solution for you and your family. 704.336.9356

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