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My privacy policy is simple.

I'm committed to your privacy. I won't share your information with anyone without your specific written permission.

The only exception I'll make is when I am required to by law or if, in my judgment, failing to do so would result in harm to you or someone else.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please call me.

Client privacy is extremely important to us and we want all clients to feel 100% at ease with our policy.

I will do everything I can to protect and ensure your welfare.

I am committed to helping you succeed as quickly as possible.

I will always act in a way that is both professional and considerate.

I will respect you as the unique individual you are.

I will always make you feel as though you matter, because you do.

I respect your right to be fully informed at all times.

I will respond to your questions clearly and honestly.

I respect your right to be heard, and will listen to your concerns.

I will never engage in any conduct that is morally or sexually inappropriate.

I will use hypnosis only in the service of helping you reach your stated goals.

I will cooperate as promptly as possible with any request that we coordinate with any other professional you may be working with.

I will always respect applicable laws and regulations. 

Elevate Hypnosis, LLC - Charlotte, NC


Elevate Hypnosis, LLC

University Executive Park

301 McCullough Drive

Charlotte, NC 28262

Disclaimer: I am a board certified Consulting Hypnotist (CH) providing services in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas. I make no health benefit claims for my services. I do not practice psychology nor do I represent my services as the practice of psychology.

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