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Phone Hypnosis Sessions

Phone hypnosis for fast change

Phone Hypnosis...Really?

Yes, you can effectively experience hypnosis over the phone. Most people choose to work together with us using Skype™ or via phone.

With Skype™ we will be able to see each other before the hypnosis session starts or you can use your regular phone. The process is the same as if you were in the office; but you can call from anywhere in the world. You may want help overcoming fears, such as public speaking, weight loss, pain management, sleep problems, increase confidence or help with your golf game and a host of other challenges. Generally, when you are in a hypnosis session, you have your eyes closed, so there is no reason not to have your session on the phone.

**However, unlike in our office setting you will be responsible for controlling your environment. To ensure the effectiveness of the session please be sure to turn off all electronic devices prior to the session and prepare for limited interruptions.

Pain relief through hypnosis

Now you can be relaxed in your own home, hotel room, or your office. No commuting, no traffic, no worries.

Pain relief through hypnosis

Elevate Hypnosis - Charlotte, NC

For an appointment call: 704.336.9356

Elevate Hypnosis, LLC

University Executive Park

301 McCullough Drive

Charlotte, NC 28262

Disclaimer: I am a board certified Consulting Hypnotist (CH) providing services in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas of Charlotte. I make no health benefit claims for my services. I do not practice psychology nor do I represent my services as the practice of psychology.

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