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Banish Self-Destructive Negative Self Talk with Hypnosis

Banish Self-Destructive Negative Self-Talk with Hypnosis

In my practice I see many people who admit to me that they are sabotaging their own life. They acknowledge to having self-destructive thoughts that seem to hold them back from realizing their goals and achieving the success they want. The truth is, this is a very common problem that I think most of us can relate to. Can you recall how many times you’ve heard yourself telling yourself something negative? “I’ll never be able to that”, “That’s too difficult”, “I’m not good enough for that”, it goes on and on…These are all different versions of self-destructive, self-defeating thought patterns.

I remember reading somewhere that 79% of most self-talk is negative. Is it even possible to improve your self-talk? Can you stop self-destructive thoughts from invading your life and destroying your goals and dreams? With hypnosis, the answer is YES! 

It’s Now Possible to Improve Your Confidence and Replace Your Self- Destructive Thoughts with Empowering Thoughts through Hypnosis

Self-defeating thoughts and negative self-talk can limit you in so many ways. In the majority of situations, it usually starts with the root of the  problem stemming from not having enough confidence. And most often this lack of confidence begins during childhood. Most of us suffer from a lack of self-confidence and self-esteem when we are in grade school, middle school, and especially high school. Children and adolescents are just beginning to discover who they are and as a result, are still just not sure of themselves.

Unfortunately, these negative thought patterns can become habitual. These adolescent self-destructive thoughts of insecurity and uncertainty can continue to manifest themselves throughout your life. We can all carry around these thoughts and beliefs that we once held from years and even decades ago within our subconscious mind right up until today. However, at some point, most of us learn to develop more confidence in ourselves and our abilities and go on to become more comfortable and secure with ourselves. When this development takes place, it’s fantastic; but when it doesn’t that when our growth is delayed and our potential and goals remain unfulfilled. 

Hypnosis to Eliminate Self-Destructive Thoughts

Hypnosis is an effective way to enhance your confidence in yourself. As you become more confident in yourself, your thoughts and ideas will begin to change effortlessly. Instead of telling yourself that “you can’t do it or that “you’re not good enough” or “you don’t deserve it”, you will begin to see the truth. That you can and you will do it, and yes, you are good enough, you do deserve it! When this kind of untapped confidence is unleashed, there is very little that you will not be able to achieve! 

Thanks for reading!

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