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Health Benefits of Almonds

Health Benefits of Almonds 

Almonds, almonds, almonds. Most of my clients will tell you, I can often be found with a bag of almonds close at hand. I guess it’s safe to say, I’m a little nuts for these nuts! As much as I love these nuts, I only recently started delving a little deeper into the health benefits associated with almonds and believe me there are many! Here’s a few I discovered:


1. Improves Brain Function

Who couldn’t appreciate a better brain! 

2. Great for Your Skin

Almonds have been proven to be beneficial for your skin. Specifically, adding almond oil or milk to your skincare regimen will help make your skin soft and supple. This can help your complexion become smooth and flawless as well. You can try massaging almond oil into your skin and look for soaps infused with almond oil.

3. Heart Health

These tasty nuts contain potassium, folic acid, vitamin E, protein and mono-saturated fats. By consuming almonds, you can significantly reduce your chances of getting heart disease.

4. Boost Energy

Never mind colas and non-stop cups of coffee. Need an energy boost, reach for almonds! Full of Riboflavin, copper and manganese will give you long lasting endurance. Gain more energy, without having to suffer through a sugar or caffeine crash.

5. Weight Loss Hero

Almonds have earned their name as a superfood, right up there with steel-cut oats and spinach. They can significantly aid in lasting weight loss. Almonds are an excellent in between meal snack that will definitely help you feel full and curb your appetite. Drinking almond milk also can help you lose weight, just make sure it’s unsweetened!

6. Regulation Connection

These delicious nuts are good at regulating a number of body functions. They can help regulate your blood pressure, since they're high in potassium but also low in sodium. They can help regulate your cholesterol also. Yes, and they can help regulate you, I think you know what I mean!

The health benefits of almonds are far reaching and many as you can see. They can enhance your brain power and your skin; help care for your heart and your blood pressure. There are many really beneficial health benefits of almonds that it amazing more people don’t know about them. Just remember, everything in moderation, especially with nuts.

Thanks for reading!

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